Why World Prayr

Why World Prayr

Why World Prayr If you’re looking to help the homeless or serve those in countries who may have great need of hunger or thirst. World Prayr may not be the ministry for you to serve in. However through one of the ministries we are connected to we may just be able to help you find a place to serve.

Yet, if you’re looking for a place where you can make a difference and serve Christ in a radical way World Prayr may just be the place for you.

Here’s our Mission statement:

World Prayr will aggressively evangelize the web providing online resources of encouragement, support, and prayer. It will also develop a network of believers in Christ that will re-connect hurting people to local ministries and local bodies of believers to provide fellowship, support, and real answers; and treat them as family ought to be treated – nothing more nothing less.

If you are interested in helping people put feet on their prayers this could be your place to serve. If you are interested in being part of a team that does more than go out and find people to come listen to someone else. Then this could be your place to discover even further use of your calling or even better your calling itself. Within World Prayr there exists no superstars, no volunteers only a team made up of Servant’s of the Most High God.

No Volunteers Really! Discover Why!

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